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For many of our developers Craft CMS is the weapon of choice for websites of all shapes and sizes. We know it, we love it. Craft CMS is the one-stop-shop for content managed websites and our agency has bags of experience in building plug-ins to help people get the most out of this fantastic framework. Not only is it packed with great features, it’s easy to use and effortlessly customisable, so you’ll be all set for the future.

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Why choose us? With Craft CMS, we provide you with a powerful toolset to help streamline your website content publishing process.

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It’s entirely built around you and your project. The control panel is tailored to your requirements and all content structures and channels are configured by hand. It’s not like other content management systems where your needs are pushed and squeezed within pre-defined, restrictive environments.

Of course, Ascensor offer other content management system choices, but our agency experts really do love Craft CMS. Its out-of-the box flexible field-types, content structures, live previews and the amazing Matrix editor all add to its ability to create robust, simple-to-use websites.

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A few of the benefits of a Craft CMS website

Preview your work

See how your content will look before it goes live with Live Preview, removing the guessing game.

Client friendly

An incredibly user-friendly admin interface makes the Craft content management system simple and fun to use.

Responsive admin area

Craft CMS’s admin panel is fully responsive, allowing you to upload content on the move from mobile devices.

Easy Ecommerce

A first-party plug-in Ecommerce solution means you can manage products, improve customer service and automate processes.

All sizes of business

Craft CMS fundamentals are the same no matter the size of your organisation, and it's easily scalable.


Its capacity for expansion and customisation ensures Craft CMS will fit your project specification exactly.

We can build it

We create bespoke Craft add-ons for many of our clients, so if you think your project is out of the ordinary, our agency can help.

Cost-effective and flexible

Craft CMS offers a range of licences, providing you with the flexibility to meet your specific requirements.

Updates at anytime

Craft CMS gives you all the latest updates and bug fixes straight to your site with just a simple click.

We are Craft CMS specialists

Adaptable, customisable and
powerful Craft solutions

Craft allows us to deliver the perfect solution for you and your business. It’s powerful, simple to use, secure and the robust back-end will give you full control over your website and the content within.

If it’s something a little more non-standard and bespoke you’re after, don’t worry. The adaptability of Craft and its ease of customisation means we can expand it to suit your requirements.

Whether it's a bespoke API connection or visually representing business insight data, our Craft CMS agency specialists can cater for this within the build process.

Adaptable, customisable and powerful Craft solutions
Proven experience with Craft

Proven experience with Craft

If you're looking for a bespoke solution for your business, we can help. We're an experienced and certified Craft CMS agency - and our expert team of Craft CMS developers have been working with the system since its inception.

Over the years we’ve built a host of sites and have always been impressed with its functionality and flexibility, plus Craft's ability to outperform its competitors. The feedback from clients with Craft CMS websites has been fantastic. Clients love using it and no longer get lost and frustrated in their own admin panels.

Before starting any project, we get to the bottom of what our clients are aiming to accomplish, then tailor the solution to fit. So the back-end becomes an extension of you and your processes. With this deep knowledge of Craft we know how to get the most out of your budget and will work within your project timeline.

Our own unique page-building solution

Traditionally website information pages, blog articles and general content pages can lack aesthetic appeal. This is mostly down to poor authoring flexibility, as typically the admin user would have a basic WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) interface in which to enter and edit content.

We have developed a system we call 'Builder' that allows users to work with pre-styled blocks of content. It works in a drag and drop, modular format and allows content authors to easily create complex custom pages, without fear of new pages ending up looking like a Picasso painting.

For example, we can provide the ability to add image carousels, image rows, styled tables, rich text, photography and videos along with the classic WYSIWYG, ensuring you can author great-looking editorial pages.

Our own unique page-building solution
We’re expert Craft plugin developers

We’re expert Craft plugin developers

Our agency team has years of experience in building plugins and modules to add and extend functionality for Craft sites. Ascensor’s developers have created custom Craft plugins including private messaging platforms, rental systems, payment gateways, IOSS taxation calculators, custom importers/exporters and a wide variety of third-party API integrations.

If you can dream it, we can build it.

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If you're thinking of switching over to Craft CMS, or if you have already have a site built on CraftCMS, we’d love to get involved and help you get the most out of your site.

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