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We took the decision back in 2009 to develop our own content management system, the pre-existing systems at that time did not meet the performance standards that were possible with a lean, bespoke solution.

Ascensor Liquid CMS has evolved significantly in the years since, our latest version is fast, intuitive and accessible from all device sizes. It is developed using Laravel, the leading PHP framework which combines superior performance (when compared to pre-existing systems such as Magento) and it is secure. Liquid CMS does not need to be regularly patched, keeping management costs and disruption to a minimum.

Ecommerce websites developed using Liquid only contain the functionality needed for each business, keeping the code-base light. Liquid is scalable which means each client can evolve their store as the business changes. Managing product information is quick and requires no technical expertise.

Our Air Ecommerce solution uses Liquid to bring the most advanced Ecommerce features we have ever built to more customers than ever, thanks to the Air concept, a fixed front-end that minimises re-coding and testing.

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Quality Service Catherine Anglo Scottish Finance

I am happy with the quality service provided by Ascensor. Jeannette in particular has been excellent - efficient, responsive and friendly throughout the whole process of our new website build; I have no hesitation in recommending Ascensor to other businesses.

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