Social Media Strategy

We will work with you to develop a manageable social media strategy that defines your marketing objectives and goals and works for your brand, utilizing the channels where your new customers will be hanging out online.

Once we’ve established who and where your core audience is, we will then further develop your strategy to target them in the right way, at the right times. We’ll help you to create goals that keep your audience in mind and establish how it is going to help you reach your audience.

Your tone of voice online is very important and goes a long way to representing how you appear to the people who follow you. We want to make sure that your content is relevant and engaging to the people who follow you and want to remain up to date with your brand.

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Marcus Rogers, Operations Manager of Sano Physiotherapy

As a rapidly expanding private health care company Sano had a need to update our presence online in order to reach a wider audience but with strict requirements in terms of clinical appearance and tone but with a friendly and approachable feel. Our old site had aged badly and did not have easy facility to add content and change with the times. Ascensor changed all...

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