The Brief...

UniHomes were looking to drive high-quality traffic to their website and to maximise a year-on-year increase of enquiries on the website. They also wanted to increase the Brand Awareness of UniHomes to students looking for accommodation within Leeds and Sheffield. Their Target Audience was 18-22 year old students looking for housing for 2nd, 3rd or 4th years at University and they were based in Leeds or Sheffield.

Our Solution...

With Facebook advertising we decided to create 2 campaigns (one for each location) targeting 18-22 year olds in those locations that have shown an interest in student-related pages on Facebook, for example; they liked the local University page. The adverts were shown on both Facebook and Instagram.

As the type of Student Housing that a user may be looking for is subjective. We created adverts with creative that play more on their emotions. Instead of pictures just of example houses, the adverts also included stock images of lifestyle situations that the target audience could identify with. 


In the first month of the campaign we saw;

  • Impressions were up 12.4% on the previous year
  • They had a 98.2% increase in Clicks
  • And this lead to a 54.8% increase in Conversions from Social Channels

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