My Football Forecast is the brainchild of football enthusiast Lee Broughton who first introduced the competition back in 2003 with the simple concept of devising a straightforward football prediction game that could be played and enjoyed by all his colleagues.   

Following the success and popularity of this, word quickly spread and the competition was extended to friends, family and other offices across the country with the number of entries growing year on year. Realising the potential that taking the competition online would bring, Ascensor was chosen to develop a website to take the My Football Forecast experience to the next level and this was a project right up out street....


Website Design…

The competition works by predicting how clubs will perform over a the season within the English football leagues, domestic cup competitions and Europe with monthly prizes and a jackpot at the end of the season up for grabs. Usability was therefore vital to maintain the quick and easy format that had made MFF such a success, so we used a combination of drop downs, scroll and tick boxes, together with help text throughout, to provide an interactive experience for all users.

A complex database has been used where scores are updated to a live leaderboard on a weekly basis and each user also has their own ‘My Hub’ resource area where they are able to check on progress throughout the season. The site utilises lots of interaction including a live news ticker and countdown clock, while the client can easily access and update competition data and news on a weekly basis using the Ascensor Liquid™ CMS


What’s Next?

There are lots of plans to expand MFF with new features in time for the 2017/2018 season so the website had to be scalable and flexible to evolve and encompass the growth of the competition over the coming years.


What My Football Forecast said

When I set out to employ a web designer for My Football Forecast, I was looking for a company fully committed towards my new venture, as well as innovative, passionate, flexible, within budget and time constraints, all with a vision to provide users with a modern and unique online experience.
Ascensor achieved all of this and more, with many challenges along the way. A great team and a pleasure to work with throughout, both Ascensor and I can be immensely proud of what we have produced, thank you Team Ascensor!

Lee Broughton Founder of My Football Forecast

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