The Brief...

Melissa Timperley Salon were looking to drive high-quality traffic to their website and increase online bookings by the function we had added to their new website. Having just opened the Hair Salon in Manchester’s Northern Quarter in November 2016, they also wanted to increase their Brand Awareness and their Online Market Share.

Search Engine Optimisation

We started by identifying which keywords Melissa Timperley Salon’s target customers would be using to search for similar services. Once we had a list of high volume search terms we checked the websites current position in the SERPs and found that the majority were outside the top 50, which is consistent with being a brand new site. We then began the process of Onsite and Offsite SEO in order to increase their visibility over time.


Search Engine Optimisation for a new website is long-term strategy, due to the time taken for pages to be indexed by search engines. As a result of this, it often takes time to deliver high levels of traffic. Therefore, at Ascensor, we also employed a short-term strategy using PPC (Pay-per-click) advertising. Initially, we did this through  Google AdWords, before later implementing a campaign on Facebook’s Advertising platform.

Google AdWords

With Google AdWords, we set up a Search network campaign to target highly competitive keywords that would be harder to rank highly for. This allowed us to instantly increase Melissa Timperley Salon’s visibility in the SERPs and capitalise on the high-quality traffic from these keywords. 

Facebook Advertising

In order to widen the brand awareness of Melissa Timperley Salon’s, we decided to run an advertising campaign on Facebook and Instagram. As the intent to buy is lower on social media, the platform allowed us to target potential customers based on their Age, Sex, Location and Interests.

Using the websites Analytics data from the first 6 months of the campaign we were able to build the buying persona of a customer that is most likely to convert. This was; 24-50 year old women, that are interested in Cosmetics, Beauty Salons and Hairstyles. We then built adverts using real customer before and after images so that the advertising was consistent with the salon's social media channels.


Although the project is still ongoing, if we look at the Analytics for Feb - Apr 2018 in comparison to previous three months we see that:

  • Traffic has risen by 25.48%, with the biggest increases coming from Social Traffic, which has risen by 128.2% 
  • Goal Completions have risen 16.4% 
  • All of the focus keywords are in the top 10 positions in SERPs for Manchester. 

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