Facebook Video The Future Of Video Distribution?

Will Facebook Video Become The Future Of Video Distribution?

Facebook are rolling out a native video tab within their mobile app, allowing creators to upload video straight to Facebook and users will be able to search for videos within this tab, this is basically YouTube within Facebook, with the potential to be better.

The two main current trends within digital media are mobile and video, mobile traffic is big and getting bigger, with social media fueling this mobile traffic than on desktop.

Currently Facebook is the big player in terms on social media with 18% market share, excluding other platforms they run such as Whatsapp and Instagram. However, have limited video offering against large competition namely Google owned Youtube.

What is the new Facebook Video?

The integrated video tab will appear at the bottom menu alongside notifications, timeline, marketplace, and settings tab. Clicking this tab will open a separate video hub which will essentially offer everything Youtube does, offering a personalised video portal consisting of a feed of live videos and other video content depending on subscriptions and things you care about.

Within this tab, you’ll be able to search for videos, view suggested videos, follow channels that interest you and get notifications when these channels are showing live video.

Why will this have such an impact on social media?

Social media marketers say this is going to be the biggest change within social media for marketers in years, being described as an absolute game changer due to the precise targeting of specific audiences, making it an attractive platform for marketers. This is something that traditional TV has never had to offer.

Facebook video will also change the game for creators too, as the introduction of a search function means that they’ll no longer have to rely on people stumbling upon your videos on their timeline, meaning that they’ll now be able to create real content series like they do on Youtube. This is due to people now having an actual place that is dedicated to follow your content and also be notified when they upload a new video.

Facebooks algorithm is loving these videos, preferring these natively uploaded videos to videos created on other platforms such as Youtube.

Facebook are now also sharing ad revenue with creators and offering financial incentives to bigger TV channels to start producing content on Facebook.

How will this compete with YouTube?

The main reason that this has the potential to be bigger than Youtube is due to it having the same or similar functions, however built within Facebook, a social network with over a billion users, only one click away from sharing a good video to their whole friends list. This ease of sharing is a function that Youtube does not have to offer.

 The launch of Facebook video will cause Youtube to lose their USP, meaning there is the potential for the future of video distribution to be Facebook video.

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