What's New In Google?

Google are always making new changes & updates, here are a few of the current & upcoming Google changes that you just can’t miss!

Separate mobile index

Google is planning to release a separate mobile search in the upcoming months which will become the primary search, with the current desktop version becoming the secondary search - which will be maintained but won’t be as up to date as the mobile version.

The most substantial change from this will be that Google will be able to run its ranking algorithm across mobile content rather than the current system that extracts data from desktop content to determine mobile rankings.

What is currently not clear is how it will exactly work, and how out of date the desktop index will become and whether the index will only contain mobile-friendly content.

Google is testing a completely new layout

This is mentioned in more detail on our previous blog 2017 SEO lookouts. Google is testing a ‘card style’ SERP, which means that the ranking searches will be more in a box/card layout than the traditional list view with the use of more imagery.

Accelerated Mobile Pages

Google is always pushing to provide users with speedy content especially for mobile users, the most recent initiative being Accelerated Mobile Pages such as Progressive web apps. However, AMP’s are gaining mixed reviews from publishers due to advertising revenue as some are seeing up to only half of their ad revenue, it is the early days of AMP and with these pages offering a better user experience they will start to see increase or comparable ad revenues with a few tweaks to their systems and implementation of AMP ad capabilities.

Google maps ads

Many SEO’s are reporting that local advertising and marketing through Google maps is going to be the next big thing for business owners, as there are several updates in the works to change user experience and optimise local Google maps searches. There are three proven ways to succeed with Google Maps ads.

  • These are to utilise promoted pins to advertise location & rank first
  • Create a business page to show what you have to offer
  • Local search ads

We already have progressive web apps being project managed in our studio, campaigns optimising Google maps and we specialise in creating fully customisable responsive mobile friendly websites through our Ascensor Liquid and Ascensor Air services

We can optimise your website/business to take advantage of these recent and upcoming changes, to find out we can help get in touch with Ascensor today

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