What is Clubhouse?  

It’s a question that we’ve been asked many times over the past month and a question that we’re here to answer for you! 

Clubhouse is an audio-chat social networking platform which is actually a hybrid of many current platforms. Incorporating the ‘drop-in’ format of the Houseparty app, with the long-standing idea of conference calls and the topic discussions of podcasts; Clubhouse is the newbie on the social media scene.

After recently joining the exclusive social networking platform ourselves, we’ve gained a bit of experience and are here to tell you what it is all about and why it is the topic on everybody’s lips.

How does Clubhouse work? 

The new, audio-focused social networking app enables users to drop in and out of live audio conversations that cover an extremely wide range of topics. Whether you’re looking to enhance your knowledge of how to market your brand; looking to network to grow your business or whether you’re just looking for some like-minded people to chat about your music style, Clubhouse has a topic for you.

One important thing to note about Clubhouse is that it is invite-only AND it is currently only available on iOS (Sorry Android users!) The invitation-only model works to reduce the number of spam accounts and limits the users to people who are dedicated to the purpose of the platform only.

A more visual way to understand the use of Clubhouse is to see it as an event with multiple seminars or talks. Once you enter the homepage, imagine you are in the hallway of an event venue and you can choose which room to enter and hear what the speakers have to say. Once in the room, you can raise your hand or be invited to join the panel on the stage. 

How can I make Clubhouse work for me?

If you’ve managed to bag yourself an invite, you’ll be able to set up your account and then be asked to choose some key topics. This is where you can really define what you’re using Clubhouse for and ultimately view the topics that matter most to you.

The more selective that you are with these topics, the more you will get out of Clubhouse for yourself or your business.

If it helps, think of it as ‘LinkedIn radio’ and things might become more clear!

If your business is interested in seeing how social media can help you to grow, then get in touch with our social media experts today!

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