We’re a Top 100 business!

Ascensor has been recognised as a standout firm in this year’s Digital Enterprise Top 100.

Celebrating the most digitally transformative, resilient and innovative businesses in the Leeds City Region, the Top 100 report showcases some real success stories that set an example for other organisations to follow.

SMEs from across nine Leeds City Region local authority areas feature in the Top 100 following a highly competitive campaign.

The list highlights pioneering firms from a diverse range of industries and sectors - including Ascensor - that use digital technologies in the most creative and transformational ways.

Growth and resilience

Managing director Andrew Firth said: “We are delighted to have been featured in the Digital Enterprise Top 100, recognising digitally transformative businesses.

“We were recognised for our growth and resilience over the past 12 months, and how we help our clients to do the same, and it's great to be listed amongst so many other illustrious firms.”

The Digital Enterprise programme helps SMEs across the Leeds City Region to improve their performance by investing in digital technologies and expertise.

The highly successful scheme has provided financial backing, networking and training to more than 2,000 businesses since its inception, with grant funding and support leading to increased use of new technology and digital solutions within businesses across the region.

Digital transformation gives organisations of every size the ability to access new markets and customers, create new jobs and a more flexible workforce, and increase profitability.

​ And digital transformation is at the heart of everything we do at Ascensor. It’s hardwired into our products and services, as well as our management processes and business operations, allowing us to get more from your digital assets and helping you grow.

It's great to see our hard work in the digital sphere recognised, and congratulations to all of the other outstanding businesses that made the grade.

You can take a look at the Digital Enterprise Top 100 Report here.

Get in touch with the award-winning Ascensor team to find out how digital transformation keeps us ahead of the game and benefits the businesses we work with.

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