The Christmas period may be one for relaxing, taking time off and keeping your mind off work, but it is also one of the busiest times for online retail and general online traffic. So, you might be taking time off over Christmas, but your website can’t.

With so much online traffic during the period, and so many offerings from various companies online, consumers expect sites to be running at full speed (or even faster) to provide them with the seasonal retail experience they desire. If the company that hosts your site does not offer a fully managed hosting service, any issues that arise during this period may not be dealt in a timely manner, and this can cost you.  The holiday season is a time for hackers and with more and more malicious activity on the internet, unsecure sites are very vulnerable to attack. A website that is hacked or off for any other reason will not only harm your online presence in the short run as you fail to capitalise on the increased seasonal traffic; but in the long run your online reputation may also be damaged as consumers may see your site as being unreliable and inconsistent.

Ascensor’s managed website hosting service ensures that your site continues to run to its full capacity during the festive period to allow your business to fully benefit from the increased traffic and potential sales that the period can bring. We monitor all of our clients’ websites 24/7, if a web site cannot be reached every 30 seconds then we receive notifications, whilst at the same time the data centre is looking at any issues, at any time of day and fixing them. We pride ourselves on more than 99.9% uptime in line with our response service level agreement.

Maintaining your online reputation is of crucial importance, especially during the seasonal period as a slip up here can hold long term issues for your site and business on the whole. By choosing Ascensor to host your site, you are choosing a fully managed, highly professional website hosting service.

To find out more about how we can ensure the smooth running of your site over the Christmas period, visit our website today.

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