google-analytics-upgradeGoogle are phasing out the classic Google Analytics and have released their Universal Analytics and so all Google Account holders can now upgrade.

The beta version was released earlier this year; it is now available as an upgrade to all Google Analytics account holders. Universal Analytics brings with it a set of new features which change the way that data is collected and organised within a company’s Google Analytics account. The main features that Universal Analytics brings are:

  • It allows the collection of data from any digital device
  • Three new versions of the tracking code are available to meet the specific technical needs for websites, mobile app tracking and devices such as game consoles
  • It is easier for users to customise the code
  • More configuration options include:
    • Organic search sources
    • Session and campaign timeout handling
    • Referral exclusions
    • Search term exclusions
    • The ability to create custom dimensions and custom metrics
    • There is a reduction in the importance of keyword searches which eliminates spam
    • Added importance of long tailed keyword searches for better and more accurate search result

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