Advertising spend is up, last year saw businesses in the UK spend more than £16 billion on advertising, this equates to year on year growth of almost 1.5% and certainly indicates that UK plc could be starting to shake-off the downturn and get back into marketing for growth.

It was also interesting to note that spending on online advertising has now overtaken spending on television advertising, which further points to the importance of the internet for even the bigger brands that previously relied on the television, and most of it is utilizing video.

In June alone last year, apparently 26 million people watched 2.3 billion videos and most of this was online – this is why video is now the choice not only for big brands, but the sensible choice for anyone looking to get more from their online adverts.

So, why is video so great?

Well it’s sticky; this means that visitors stay on websites with video for longer. One of the biggest difficulties site owners have had since we all got used to the internet is keeping visitors there, video is the answer.

It’s viral; people love to share video and the rise in social marketing has meant that well made video is more likely to be passed on than a page of text.

Search engines love it; because video is sticky and viral the search engines see video as the content that communicates on many sensory levels, therefore giving surfers a better experience online.

So whether you are able to afford TV Advertising or not, why bother! Having well made online video doesn’t have to be expensive and it can be used online in so many ways, both on your site and in promoting your site via the video networks.

Ascensor don't produce video but our professional partners do, we then use these videos to promote our clients businesses online as part of our digital marketing service.


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