Track Instagram Ad Campaigns within MailChimp

Have you been using Mailchimp and found it a bit linear? Great for email marketing, but what else?

A couple of months ago MailChimp branched out into Facebook Ad Campaigns, and now, they’ve taken the next step into making it much easier for e-commerce businesses to build their brand and sell things with the addition of Instagram Ad Campaigns.

So now, you can create manage and track your email campaigns, Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads all in one place.

But why Instagram? We are a world of visual people, who love seeing things, making Instagram a wonderful place to showcase products and create an excitement around your brand. You probably spend enough time making sure your brand and product photography is absolutely perfect (We do here at Ascensor), so why not use them to show off what you do and use those stunning photos to bring in the customers.

Why should I go through all the effort to set up Instagram through MailChimp? Well, the main benefit of using Instagram Ad Campaigns through MailChimp instead of doing it through Facebook, is that you can harness the power of your MailChimp list.

You already know who your best customers are, so by targeting people who look like your top customers from your contacts by selecting ‘people similar to your list contacts’, you can find and attract the right audience. Making this the best way to find new customers with similar interests, as well as location, gender and age range.

Do you ever feel like you're just throwing endless amounts of money away to market our business without knowing any outcome? With Instagram Ads in MailChimp, you can see exactly how your ads are performing, allowing you to see the total return of the ad, including items sold, subscribers and customers when you connect your store.

So, are Instagram Ads for me? That’s a very good question, and one that our Marketing experts are here to answer! You don’t want to be spreading yourself across platforms you don’t actually need or ones that aren’t relevant to your company. If you are trying to drive sales or visits to your website, then definitely! And if your customer demographic lines up with those of the Instagram’s user base, then it’s a no-brainer really. There are more than 700 million users worldwide on Instagram and according to a Pew Research Study, 59% of adults aged 18-29 and 33% of adults aged 30 to 49 use Instagram. As well as the majority of users being female (38% vs. 26%). So there’s a brilliant chance that having an Instagram Ad could reach out to those potential customers that are already on Instagram.

So, next time your building your email marketing campaign or Facebook campaign, take a quick look into setting up one for Instagram too! If you would like assistance in doing so, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the marketing team at Ascensor!

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