It is no secret that in the modern online world, for your website to succeed, there needs to be strong SEO behind it. No matter how strong your online content is, if it cannot be found by potential customers, it will provide no benefit for your business.

However, for many SEO is still perceived as a rather hit and miss solution, with varied success being found through optimising pages for search engines. In truth, SEO is a complex route to allowing your site to be found online, but, there is a science behind it. There are a number of factors and influences that, if optimised correctly, give your site the best chance of standing out in the crowd and being found before your competitors. This can be illustrated in this brilliant ‘Period Table of SEO Success Factors’ created by Column Five Media:

The table shows a number of both positive and negative factors that will contribute to the overall success of your SEO campaigns. For your SEO to bring benefits for your site, it is important to put emphasis on all of these factors, although some are more important than others.

As a general starting point, it is vital to insure that your site’s content and Meta data is of a high quality and adheres to Google’s guidelines. By ensuring your on site content is of a high quality, keyword rich and not duplicate in any way, you create a platform from which your SEO can propel your site up the rankings. This is supported by your site’s metadata, with keyword rich meta titles and descriptions you give your site the best chance of appearing high up in the search results for keywords appropriate to your offerings.

From here, there are a number of routes in terms of offsite SEO and ways to promote your site. Social media posts are a great way of doing this, with reputation and shares being the factors determining success, with links also being a highly effective way to drive traffic. The success of links mainly hangs on their quality, if a link is placed on an appropriate site with a high domain score, it is far more likely to help your site’s traffic increase; while also avoiding being penalised by Google! There are other routes to creating successful off page SEO however, with more creative solutions such as infographics or product placement within guest blog posts offering you the chance to increase your online presence.

The digital marketing team here at Ascensor can provide SEO campaigns that are tailored to your needs and spend capability. We will monitor your site’s progress in terms of search engine positioning and traffic and translate this into the benefit it is bring to your business. To learn more about the SEO service we can provide, get in touch with Ascensor today!

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