The A Team: Meet Dan

Meet Dan!

Dan is our new Laravel PHP Developer :)

He will be working on the back-end development of our Ascensor websites.

Welcome to the team Dan!

Get to know Dan!

What is your favourite website?

"YouTube! Such a great website, it has been around since I was quite young, over the years I’ve seen it expand, and the vast breadth of information that can be found on YouTube is unparallel to any other resource on the internet (bar Google)."

If you could have one song on repeat in the office, all day, what would you choose?

"I would go with Shoot to Thrill by ACDC, not only is it a fantastic song by an awesome band, but its also the theme song for Iron Man 2 😊 "

If you are interested in joining 'The A Team' then keep an eye on our careers page.

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