We all know that technology moves at an incredible pace, it’s one of the things we love about our industry and it’s great for customers because it means that there always lots of new and exciting gadgets available or quicker and more effective websites for us to enjoy. However, from a website owner or Marketing Manager’s perspective, technology advances often mean updates or changes need to be made to a website in order to stay compliant and/or fully functional.

These changes most often need to be carried out by a developer as they require updating code or an API plugin that has been integrated with a website. More and more websites now include some kind of 3rd party API application or integration, with social media feeds, providing the option to pay for something using PayPal or integrating Google Maps all being commonly found features on a range of websites across all sectors. These 3rd party elements are added to enhance your website and keep your visitors with you for longer, which also helps reduce bonce rate.

Sometimes there is no formal announcement for when these updates will occur and although this can be frustrating, as it may mean an element of your website has a bug or is temporarily broken it’s important to remember that these technology advances are a positive thing as they ultimately have the aim of creating an improved user experience.

All Ascensor development work is run through a strict testing regime. This ensures our work is compatible with the latest web standards and coding techniques as well as all the latest devices, including smartphones and tablets, and browsers including various versions of Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox and Safari. This gives our client’s peace of mind knowing that their websites are accessible and consistent for visitors viewing the site using a variety of devices and browsers.

Our testing and quality control procedures are carried out throughout development before a website goes live and it continues until all elements have been tested after the site has been pushed live. For clients who are signed up to one of our Maintenance Packages, testing continues on a monthly basis to check for any bugs or updates that need to be made. If there is any development that needs to be carried out, the work is prioritised and the cost covered by the monthly maintenance fee.

Updates, advances and bug fixes are set to continue as new developments are being made constantly, to help you manage these updates and to keep your website up to date contact Ascensor today to discuss our Maintenance Packages.


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