In the last few years it seems like every man and his dog have become social media experts. No doubt there are some very good social media professionals about, but would you trust someone else to do your talking for you?

Many businesses shy away from social media because they just don’t know what to say or how to say it. The other option is to pay someone to do it for you – but how can this work? Surely if someone is going to do it for you then they will need to continuously ask you what you want to say, then provide you with content for approval, go back and make changes and then schedule the delivery – how can this be a financially viable option? Surely anyone who is any good, a social media expert, would want to charge an expert level hourly rate. Getting someone else’s social media message right requires a level tone and a level message – this also makes it difficult for the social media expert to scale their business, if they are not handling the broadcasts each time how can they guarantee consistency? Everything is wrong about out-sourcing social media, it goes against the very grain of what social media is.

So, what’s the answer? We believe the answer is social media strategic training; teaching businesses how to strategise and deliver effective social media to deliver measureable results.

For the last twelve months Ascensor have been recommending social media training to our clients as being the single most cost effective form of marketing your business – you know it better than anyone, and with a small amount of coaching you can learn to communicate effectively using the social channels. This recommendation has been so successful for our clients that we are going to be bringing the service in-house from early 2012. 

Learn which channels work best for you and your business. Communicate confidently and effectively and review the success of your own campaigns with detailed analysis. Once you know what you are doing you will be able to find new ways to get more from social marketing and it won’t cost you a penny. We are providing free of charge initial consultations and then recommend a training program for an individual or multiple members of your team. All relevant social channels will be considered as well as useful tools to enable quick and consistent broadcast.

When it comes to social media, speak for yourself, it’s the only way to really make it work!

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