SEO is about Building Relationships

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of making the search engines aware of a website or profile or blog’s existence, it happens naturally, it is the recognition that a relationship is present.

A ‘like’ or a mention or a link is the confirmation that a relationship exists between two parties (people, companies, web sites), in some form or other, and is the foundation on which modern SEO is built. If enough people like something then there must be others out there that like it too, just like, poling, or market research.

It is the search engines job to try and weed out the natural relationships from the un-natural ones, their methods (algorithms) of doing this get ever more complex as they strive to automate the understanding of every relationship on the internet.

It is the web marketing agency’s job to try to meet the search engines requirements of delivering natural relationship building for clients but of course in an un-natural way, by our very involvement, what we do is not natural.

Being ranked well on the search engines can mean big money and maintaining this position can be critical, this precarious position means being balanced at the mercy of the search engines and trying to stay ahead of the competition.

Understanding what the search engines are looking for is the vital ingredient in any SEO campaign, it is not sector related and the criteria continually evolve. What worked last month will probably not work as well this month, what worked last year will almost certainly not work as well this year. The criteria change but the elements stay the same, the search engines are looking for relationships, and relationships come in an ever increasing myriad of forms from links, to likes, to follows – having an evolving balanced array of relationships is the key to SEO success.

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