seo-is-importantMuch has been said on the importance of SEO for businesses since the introduction of Google Hummingbird back in August 2013, with some even stating that SEO could be ‘dead’! Here at Ascensor, we believe it to be quite the opposite.

With the introduction of Hummingbird came a reduction of the importance of keyword searches within Google’s hugely popular search engine which sparked the calls that it would be the end of search engine optimisation amongst businesses. However, while it is true that this update did mean the elimination of keyword searches, it also lead to the resurgence of long tailed keyword searches as an alternative to the ageing system. This means more accurate search results and a better chance of users finding the information they need on the first attempt. Illustrating the important role that SEO can still hold in a business’s online marketing strategy. It could even point to an increase in its importance due to the elevated effectiveness of Google’s searches in finding the website that users require.

The End of Spam?

The new system that Google has implemented is there to reward good content and eliminate spam in its searches and so, in that respect, SEO still has a vital role to play in making sure that your content is seen by consumers who demand it. Through strong content and comprehensive SEO, your page can elevate itself above your competition in a new look Google which can help consumers reach the information you provide more efficiently. Far from ‘killing off’ SEO, Hummingbird has in fact elevated its importance in increasing the presence of your website online. Without strong SEO, a website is now far more likely to be lost amongst the thousands of search results that are presented before consumers. Jason Bayless, owner of, said: “Remember, SEO is a never ending process” and at Ascensor we couldn’t agree more, if you don’t continuously build a healthy content profile alongside maintaining strong SEO across your websites, you risk falling behind your competitors and losing customers who will find other companies before they find you.

More Accurate Searching

Gone are the days when Google users would search for specific information and be given vague responses in the form of websites found through keywords in the question. The new system allows Google to search the web using the full query that the user typed rather than simply focussing on a few key words. This means that through strong SEO, consumers will find your website straight away if you provide the product or service they require; they will no longer be diverted to other pages because of the odd keyword. If you put effective SEO in place, it will be your website which appears to answer a consumer’s specific question.

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