Seasonal Website Banners To Build Online Engagement

Customer engagement is of great importance for business... large budgets, time and effort are put into creating engagement strategies to best market their business and promote their brand, services etc - ultimately focusing on conversion rate optimisation.

A quick, affordable solution to promote engagement and give your website a personal touch is through a seasonal themed banner. All round professional branding is important for your business as it shows that your service or products that you sell are professional and that you can be trusted. However, an aspect of fun around festive times is appreciated by visitors as it shows that your business website is up to date, responsive and forward thinking, with updates to your site also helping SEO visibility.

During seasonal events, other features can be added to your website, for example implementation of Easter egg hunt as part of a competition can increase engagement on the site, with visitors viewing more pages on the site on the search for the hidden eggs they will view content that they might have otherwise not visited which could help potential cross selling of products.

Many Ecommerce business’ can expect to have large increase in custom/sales around seasonal events such as Christmas, Mother’s Day and even dates such as Black Friday. Therefore, seasonal banners can help advertise to visitors upcoming events around the calendar and remind them that they may want to start thinking about present ideas.

A professionally designed seasonal banner that is appropriate for your business sector can offer many benefits to your website and brand, with so many events throughout a calendar a yearlong plan for seasonal changes can be created.

Get your website in the festive spirit with a seasonal banner, whether it be Christmas, Easter, Halloween or New Years! Speak to your digital agency about an attractive, personal banner with engaging text and high quality imagery tailored to your business.

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