Easter promotional banner example

For a website to succeed online, the content it houses must engage visitors. It goes without saying that your site’s content has to be professional to ensure consumers trust your company to provide a professional service however, there also has to be an element of personality about content to allow you to start to build relationships and engage with potential customers.

There are a number of ways to inject personality into your site’s content, with one of the most effective being seasonal banners/ general changes to your site. Not only do these seasonal changes improve your chances of visitors engaging with your content, they also ensure that your site remains fresh, current and updated. By implementing content such as seasonal banners into your site to coincide with dates such as Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Easter etc. you show that your site’s content is up to date, you’re thinking ahead and giving users confidence about your products or services.

Annual dates and events also offer a chance to tie in seasonal changes to your site with sales, competitions or new product launches. For retailers, events such as Christmas and Mother’s Day offer a fantastic opportunity to introduce seasonal sales to engage consumers with their product or services or even introduce specific seasonal offerings. Competitions focussed around key dates can also improve your sites personality. An example would be an Easter egg hunt where visitors to your site have the chance to win discounts or prizes by searching your site for hidden eggs. This can not only increase traffic to your site, but by searching your site for the hidden eggs, users will take in more of your sites content and engage with your brand messages potentially allowing for cross selling of products that are hidden deep in the site that users may not usually find.

As previously mentioned, seasonal banners can be one of the quickest and most effective routes to injecting more personality into your site while also keeping it current and up to date. A creative, professionally designed banner wishing visitors ‘Merry Christmas’ or ‘Happy Easter’ will help to engage consumers with your website and brand as a whole. With so many events and key dates throughout the year, you can create a yearlong strategy to allow you to target dates that are most appropriate to your line of business. High quality imagery, engaging text and a strong connection to the products/services you offer can engage visitors and create a more professional and current image of your site.

The team at Ascensor can work with you to produce a yearlong plan for seasonal changes to your site, with our internal artwork team able to design and produce any banners or imagery you require. To learn more about this service, get in touch with Ascensor today!

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