Since Pinterest was launched in 2010 it has become one of the leading social media platforms for sharing photos and products. Pinterest is a fantastic online mood board creator that is used worldwide. This company has over 48 million users who search for inspiration and ideas for a multitude of topics such as weddings, outfit styles, hairstyles and home interior decorations. Almost 90% of Pinterest’s users go onto buy the products that they have found on the platform so the company have decided to introduce buyable pins.

The ‘Buy it’ pin will appear as a blue button next to the red ‘Pin it’ button and be available on iPhones and iPads in the US. This new brilliant feature enables users to buy the items that they love without having to leave the platform. Items are available for purchase will show a price tag in the same blue as the button and if the item comes in varying materials or colours the user will be able to scroll through them with ease.

A mobile specific checkout has been built that it is safe and secure for credit card and Apple Pay payments. Pinterest will not be storing card details for the safety of users but will be keeping hold of personal information, such as addresses, so that next time something is bought the process will be quicker.

It is important for Pinterest to make their social media platform more user-friendly, increase the volume of users and become versatile. They will be doing this by also developing the buyable pins for desktop and android users in the US. This feature will surely be a success to the company which will enable them to provide the button worldwide.

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