Remarketing: 96% of traffic does not convert on the first visit

Around three years ago, when Google remarketing started to gain traction, opinion was very divided. Many of our digital agency clients didn’t opt for remarketing because of their own opinions around privacy and brand reputation. They were often reluctant to evolve existing paid search campaigns to include remarketing, and those that did had mixed opinion, click through rates were not much greater than standard display advertising, and there were few who saw any benefit from the additional brand exposure. Often their own experiences of businesses using retargeting were negative, why would they want to visit the website again?

Conversion rates significantly higher than standard display advertising

How things have changed…Remarketing has grown and is now everywhere, used by businesses large and small. Remarketing and retargeting form the basis of personalisation, because it converts. Serving individualised content leads to a far enhanced conversion rate, we are much more likely to click on something that is relevant and personalised to our search and previous behaviour, than something that is new. Remarketing conversion rates are typically 0.6 to 2.0% for our digital agency clients, significantly higher than standard display advertising which averages around 0.1%.

96% of conversions come from repeat visits

Our use of the internet is also changing, we are typically researching for longer before making a purchasing decision, this is because we have more opportunities to access the internet, there is less pressure to convert on the first visit. As UX design continuously streamlines the mobile experience, we can access content quicker and more efficiently, further negating the need to make a quick decision. And this is why remarketing is so important, Google stats suggest that 96% of visitors do not convert at the first visit. This is a huge number, 96% of conversions are from repeat visits, and this is why remarketing is now so important.

Remarketing reduces average CPA

With the average cost of acquisition (CPA) for most conversions increasing over-time, remarketing and retargeting present the essential second bite of the cherry that is needed to convert. For businesses focusing on conversion rate optimisation, remarketing helps to bring down the average cost of acquisition, it is still relatively low cost per click (when compared to Google Adwords and the scope for list management provides opportunities to grow remarketing conversion over time.

Google Remarketing Set-up

Set-up is straight-forward and since 2016 responsive adverts reduce set-up costs (previously 16 advert sizes had to be produced to be available for the various advertising banner sizes). Lists require 1,000 participants before the advertising starts, for data protection, and the cookies can be active for up to 540 days. Ascensor can help you to set-up a Google Remarketing campaign with our Google experts in our digital agency in Leeds.

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