The days are getting shorter, the weather is getting cooler and the scarves are back out. We all know that this means that, somehow, we’re already on the approach to Christmas. You might not want to think about it, but that means it’s time for Christmas shopping - and for business owners it's time for Christmas selling!

However, the coming months aren’t just about Christmas, you also need to be ready for the promotional opportunities of Halloween and of course the now famously manic Black Friday/Cyber Monday.

Due to the current climate, high street shopping figures have taken an even larger dip than anticipated. That’s why this season, if your business can sell online then the combination of eCommerce and digital marketing is a must. 

Google Ads

It goes without saying that the main aim for businesses throughout all seasonal events is to make as much money as they can. With Google Ads, eCommerce businesses can really increase their slice of the pie by running multiple types of adverts.

Between Search, Shopping, Display, Video and even App, you can target potential customers in a variety of different formats, some of which will perform much better for your particular industry than others. Whether you're wanting to increase brand awareness, product sales or customer retention, there is a type of ad suited for any KPI.

Before you get started, you need to really think about your seasonal offers and what your key selling point is - this will make sure that the ad copy is as compelling and effective as possible. Consider what would be best for your business - perhaps a 50% off sale for Black Friday, a brand-new collection especially for Halloween, or free next day delivery for Christmas orders. 

Because ultimately, this is what will get customers to click on your ads instead of your competitors. 

Next is the budget! It is common knowledge that many businesses actually struggle during seasonal offer periods, especially Black Friday and Cyber Monday. This is because flash sales can really cut into the profit margin and following this year of uncertainty, this is something that retailers definitely want to avoid. 

You need to make sure that your PPC campaigns are going to give your business a profit, which means planning out your Google Ad budget. Here at Ascensor our PPC experts can help build an effective campaign this holiday season, which achieves a good ROI. Just get in touch!

Instagram Shopping

The next few months really are the season for shops! Luckily for retailers, Instagram has just made it even easier to drive sales with Instagram Shopping. 

Instagram Shopping has recently been introduced as a way to bridge the gap between advertising on social media and purchasing the product. It works by adding a storefront as part of your profile and provides a seamless experience for users to explore collections as well as browse and purchase products.

Currently, in-app checkout is only available in the US, but within the UK it works by driving traffic directly to your product pages. 

From the moment that a user discovers you on Instagram, they can click on the product tag and seamlessly be taken through to a product-focused page that showcases all relevant information including pricing, a description and product photos. With one click, the user can land on the right page on your site and within another click, they can purchase the product!

Organic Social

A cheaper way to advertise and push your seasonal offers is of course through social media.

87% of people say that influencers have inspired them to make a purchase.

Have you considered using influencer marketing to get your products out there to your target audience? We’re here to help you achieve a great ROI on influencer marketing and outreach.

The global average for time spent on social media in a day is 2 ½ hours.

Now, we don’t know about you but our daily average is ever so slightly higher than this (and we suspect so are many other people’s!).

The wonderful thing about social media marketing is that your product, your brand and your offer is right there in your customer’s hand and it’s there for a large amount of their day. So ensure that you are making the most out of this opportunity by sharing posts that highlight your business in the best way to drive sales and increase brand awareness.

When it comes to seasonal offers, customers are already aware that they need to look for Halloween products; that they need to find the best Black Friday deal and that they need to start their Christmas shopping. So make sure that your brand and your offer is right there when they’re scrolling through their social feed!

This holiday season are you prepared with your website and digital marketing?

If you’re feeling spooked about your Halloween sales, if the thought of Black Friday feels a bit dark, or if you’re wondering how to keep the elves busy this Christmas then we’re here to help you through. 

Give us a call on 0113 831 4400 or drop us a line at here and we’ll make sure you’re prepared for the festive period!

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