promoting-products-bloggingWith markets becoming more and more saturated and consumers increasingly looking to brands that connect with them on a personal level, marketers are looking for new methods of promotion every day. Classic methods such as print/TV advertising still hold importance in the market, but are increasingly losing their appeal with the modern consumer. A more personal, relevant approach is now desired by both marketers and consumers alike.

One of the platforms that has grown hugely in the last few years is the online blog. Internet personalities have been created from these blogs with many bloggers now producing online content as a career. This provides a massive opportunity for brands in terms of promotion of their products and services, with likeable, relatable online personalities offering a route to consumers that traditional platforms simply cannot match. Through product placement, product reviews or competitions on a number of popular online blogs, you can create interest around your company’s offerings and improve your brand image amongst existing and potential customers.

With 77% of internet users stating that they read blogs on a regular basis, promoting your products/services through this platform offers a huge market of potential customers. It is a relatively cheap method of promotion as many bloggers are happy to include products/reviews for free if they are sent a sample. The popularity of blogs is growing every day, with the influence they have over consumers following suit; 61% of US consumers have made a purchase based on opinions from a blog post, illustrating the fact that now is the time to explore this platform!

By using a relatable online figure to promote your offerings, you not only bring your brand to an audience it may otherwise never have reached; you also increase the personality behind your offerings by linking them to a well regarded figure. To add to this, ensuring your brand has a presence on this platform improves your online presence as a whole as well as creating the opportunity for good, high quality links to your site.

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