Progressive Web App Roadshow London

Last week, one of our developers, Alan, headed down to Google HQ in London for the Progressive Web App Roadshow. Developers from agencies around the country attended to discuss the newest methods and practices when it comes down to building Progressive Web Apps (PWAs). Here’s what he had to say about the event and the important points to takeaway:

There was some great support for the growth of PWAs and early case studies show some excellent improvement in user reach, experience and conversions.

There was a lot of core information to take away from the event and I’m excited to start pushing forward with this innovative approach to the web, but here’s what I consider to be the most important:

  • The Average number of mobile apps a user installs per month is ZERO and yet, mobile users are visiting an average of over 100 website each month. Concluding that it’s far easier to reach users via a website or Progressive Web App.
  • Sending push notifications can provide important, timely information. This can range from a sale on a desired item, to the most recent breaking news stories.
  • Google are pushing for better security on the web, because not only is HTTPS required for a PWA, but they’re recommending them for all websites regardless of what content they have.
  • Google are focusing on four key pillars of PWAs; Speed, Integration, reliability and engagement. These are important areas and promise to deliver successful apps with great user experience.

  • The new Credential Management API is a great way to provide user account management across multiple devices. It’s already supported on Chrome and Opera and Apple are also working on supporting it too.
  • Big businesses such as Twitter and The Guardian have already adopted Progressive Web App technology and are witnessing positive results with their users.
  • The Payment Request API creates an opportunity for a fast and secure payment experience, with excellent control for businesses

Progressive Web Apps are only getting better and regular updates are providing multiple opportunities to deliver a great app experience on a website. I can’t wait to start working with this new approach.

If you’re interested in talking to us about Progressive Web Apps for your project, we’d love to hear from you.

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