As the shops begin to re-open and the restrictions start to be lifted, businesses are starting the process of getting back to "normal". However, normal can't be as we've known it previously. So we want to help you, to get the message to your customers about how you will be preparing for the new normal.

Here are 5 ways to help you get prepared for your return:

1. Advertise Your Business

If you haven't already, it is important to put some of your marketing budget behind digital advertising activities. Whether this is by boosting social posts which announce your return, running a Facebook ad campaign or putting some spend into Google Ads. These actions will ensure that your customers are thinking about you.

Getting your brand in front of customers when they're searching for relevant products/services, or when they're scrolling their feed will help boost your return to 'the new normal'. Our PPC experts can help you to get the attention of your customers, whilst delivering a great ROI!

2. Add a Waiting List

If your services have been unavailable, but much-needed throughout the lockdown, then you may find that you have an influx of custom all at once. This rush of business can be eased by setting up a waiting list for customers to beat the queues.

We can add a section on your homepage which explains that customers can sign up to a waiting list - ready for when you can provide your services again. Users can then fill in the form and you can get a better idea of how many interested customers you have and enable you to plan further.

3. Refresh Your Marketing Strategy

The new normal means that businesses are having to adapt and make changes to the way that they run. This means that marketing plans and strategies are in need of a refresh - whether it's with the aim of re-engaging customers or the introduction of new products/services.

Taking a look at your current strategy and adapting it as a result of the impact of COVID-19, is a vital activity. Our marketing team can build a new strategy for your business and make sure that you are prepared. 

4. Announce Your Safety Measures

As all businesses are changing the way they work, announcing these safety measures in place is one of the first steps. Whether customers will be coming into your store; if you'll be providing your services in their home; or if clients will attend meetings at your office - it's important to let them know what precautions you are taking to ensure their safety.

We can help you to get the message across by producing content for a landing page on your website and adding a pop-up box on the homepage. This will make sure that users are aware as soon as they enter the site!

5. Add Your COVID-19 Policy

As mentioned above, it is vital that your customers, staff and visitors are aware of the policy in place to help protect them from COVID-19. For a more detailed account of your safety measures, they can be added into a COVID-19 policy page on an Air Website.

You don't have to plan everything on your own. We're here to take the hassle out of marketing and we can help you to get your message across to your customers about your business' return. So click here and we can get chatting!

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