With new social media platforms emerging almost daily, it can be a daunting task deciding on the most appropriate platform to promote your business through. It’s all well and good maintaining a social media presence, but if it is on the wrong platform, you won’t reach relevant consumers and you are unlikely to benefit.

One social media platform that has grown rapidly in the last few years is Pinterest. Since the site’s launch back in March 2010, Pinterest has grown rapidly and now boasts over 70 million users, with 40 million of these users active every month! With this growth has come an evolution of how the site can be used by marketers, particularly those marketing products through ecommerce.

As with a lot of online marketing, for ecommerce stores, the secret behind a successful online marketing campaign is integration. By maintaining a constant message across platforms, alongside offering a seamless process to allow consumers to make purchases quickly and simply you stand the best chance of converting your online traffic into sales. The introduction of rich pins into Pinterest has made it easier than ever for ecommerce stores to offer this integrated service! With these new pins, companies can now include more detail, such as availability of products and where to buy with ‘Product Pins’. These pins can also include real-time pricing allowing consumers to save the products they like and be alerted when their prices drop due to a sale.

These pins allow your ecommerce store to reach a much wider audience and promote your various product offerings and sale prices. Through users ‘pinning’ your products, other Pinterest users are likely to see them and so the exposure of your brand can grow further. By consistently updating your product boards on Pinterest, you can almost entirely replicate the offerings from your ecommerce store on the social media platform and make it easier than ever for consumers to purchase from you.

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