Perfectly Simple 12 Month Content Strategy

You’ve designed a fantastic looking website and everyone in the family (including your extremely proud Aunt Doreen) has commented about how great it is. However, now you need content to grow your organic traffic. Here is my perfectly simple and easy to follow strategy for growing website traffic.

The “Iceberg” Strategy

Essentially, you should try to view the content created as an Iceberg with four layers made up of Hero, Social, Serial and Hygiene content.



At the top is the Hero content: this is the section that sits firmly above the waterline and is seen by the masses, but most of the content you create can’t, and won’t, fall into this category. These are large-scale events that drive mass awareness. Hero content builds awareness at a much broader scale to reach the wider audience.

Hero content is something that should be done on average 1-2 times a year for a brand and will still entertain and inspire the viewers with emotional storytelling.


Beneath this is our Social content: This section straddles the waterline and is created purely to get people sharing, liking and retweeting. Social content follows the same principles as Hero content, just on a smaller scale. These are exclusive, interesting, “cool” content, intended for people to share and talk about in their social networks.

 Try doing something Social once or twice a quarter.


From there we have our Serial content – there is far more Serial content than Hero or Social, but often in the form of a series or franchise. This content is meant to entertain/inform and keep an audience coming back. This content should be “regularly updated,” “valuable and engaging,” and should incentivise people to “Opt-in”.

Try writing a blog series on the same theme that runs in a series over a couple of weeks. Link users to the previous blog in the series (see what I did there) and let them know when the next will be posted.


Lastly, the foundation of the content Iceberg is the Hygiene content. Hygiene capitalises on existing user interests and is designed to pull users in based on search. Oftentimes this content is specifically created to mop up (Hygiene… Get it?!?) the users searching key terms related to the brand. People tend to find hygiene content through Search when they’re looking for answers to a specific question.

In adopting the Hero, Social, Serial and Hygiene approach, you can create content that creates a splash. But, the strategy also emphasises the creation of content in a series. This gives users a reason to keep coming back and to continue to engage with your content, making your google rank unsinkable.

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