seo winnerWork has now begun on the web marketing of Copiserv who won our 3 months of SEO competition at the recent Wakefield Business Conference. The prize, worth more than £960 for search engine optimisation services involves in the first stage, strategy development.

The creation and on-going reviewing of the strategy is the most important aspect of any Ascensor SEO campaign. Like any marketing effort, it is critical that all investment in time is well calculated and monitored to ensure success with minimal wastage.

Our strategic development begins with initial keyword research to identify the most appropriate terms to begin marketing on; these are terms where we aim to provide a mixture of quick wins with highly targeted terms, balanced out with medium term phrases where traffic levels are likely to be higher.

All new Ascensor websites are built to be search engine friendly. Where we are contracted to work on third party websites we provide a free of charge website analysis to provide recommendations that the client can take to their website company to improve the on-site optimisation – on-site SEO will yield better overall results.

We also analyse the market and the competition to gain an understanding of the general competitiveness and what types of link building is likely to yield good results (Ascensor’s SEO Demystified service draws from more than 20 link building techniques to deliver a precise strategy each month to deliver on-going results). Benchmarking the competition is a key aspect of what we do, understanding what works in a particular sector is important in our gaining knowledge to effectively support our client for the long term.

Our research identified 13 keywords and phrases where is not currently performing well and we believe that we can make a good impact within just 3 months to give Copiserv a traffic boost. We are aiming for a mixture of terms that will generate good early returns as well as providing some good progress for more competitive terms.

The keywords that have been selected are:

Keyword Current Position
Office Equipment Wakefield 92
Office Equipment Yorkshire >100
Photocopiers Wakefield >100
Colour Copiers Wakefield >94
Managed Print Services >100
Photocopier leasing >100
Photocopier rental >100
Desktop printers >100
Copiers Yorkshire >100
Service agreements >100
Photocopier leasing Wakefield >100
desktop printers Wakefield >100
Service agreements Wakefield 59
Once the keywords were selected and agreed we then began the preparation of content. Some clients prefer to provide their own content and use our SEO Copy Preparation Guidelines to write content that the search engines will love. The content must include the keywords in a density of not more than 3% and be written naturally, this means plenty of conjunctions! All content must be reviewed manually, we do use some software to re-write content for efficiency but it is then always checked and signed off by copywriters to ensure it’s consistent and makes sense.

Copy snippets and new content are used throughout each SEO month to provide balance, one of Googles key criteria. If Google even suspect that un-natural link building is being done this can lead to penalties, this means that the links that are created must be varied and consistently irregular!

Over the next four months we’ll be reporting on the work that has been carried out and the impact that it has had on Copiserv’s search engine positions and their web traffic. Next month we’ll be reporting on Copiserv’s progress to date.

Ascensor provide SEO Leeds and London.

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