At Ascensor, we offer 12-month placement opportunities to university students every year. In June 2015, we welcomed 3 Marketing students from Leeds Beckett University to our join our team.

We asked each of the students to reflect on their time and experience here at Ascensor:

Name: Sarah

Position: Marketing Assistant


-          Social media management

-          Social media support and training for clients

-          Creating and running PPC campaigns

-          PPC Reports

-          Content creation – blogs and case studies

-          Content Marketing

-          PR

-          SEO Reports

-          Meta Data Creation

-          Email marketing

-          Event planning

-          Analytical analysis of websites

Best experience at Ascensor: Strangely enough I think my best experience at Ascensor has been being part of the team. We all get on extremely well and I have received a lot of support and encouragement from other members of staff throughout the year. It’s really driven me forwards and helped me to continue to grow my skill base over the last 12 months, without the friendships and support networks that have developed I feel I would not have learnt or achieved so much.

The most important thing you’ve learnt: I’ve really learnt how to multitask and to prioritise work. As my job role is so varied I often have to juggle multiple things at the same time. I continuously switch between managing the social media to content writing to numerical work (PPC and analytics). I feel that I’ve really built on my ability to complete different types of work simultaneously, in a timely manner and to the best of my ability.

What mark you hope to have left on the company: Since beginning work at Ascensor I have contributed substantially to the marketing of the company. The number of twitter followers has increased over 50% in the last year, I created an Instagram account with over 150 followers and I continuously update the Google+, Facebook and YouTube account pages with relevant content.


Name: Jonathan

Position: Digital Marketing Assistant 



-          SEO new clients

-          SEO Reports

-          SEO Work

-          Social Media Management

-          Email Marketing

-          Blog writing

-          Infographic designer

-          Exhibitions

-          Sales lead generator

-          Remarketing

-          Affiliate marketing

-          Facebook adverts

-          PPC

-          I have also gained competence in product manufacturing, packaging and order and postage management systems through the retail business Contempo Home.

Best experience at Ascensor: There have been multiple moments which I have a thoroughly enjoyed, but the whole experience at Ascensor has been brilliant. I have developed more this year than I ever have at School Sixth Form or University. I came to Ascensor as a student unsure of what I wanted to do in my career, I am now about to leave with a clear understand of what I want to do for a career, I feel lucky to be able to take that away from this experience.

The most important thing you’ve learnt: Apart from becoming a highly skilled badminton player, I would say everything I have learnt in sales, as this is what I want to pursue in the future.

What mark you hope to have left on the company: Since I have started working at Ascensor the company has grown and has exciting plans for the future. Having an active role in the Ascensor’s development is something I am proud of and I look forward to seeing Ascensor’s new projects which I have been involved in.


Name: John

Position: Junior Project Manager


-          Schedule & Time Management

-          Risk Management

-          Budget & Cost Management

-          Stakeholder Management

-          Project Strategy

-          User Journey & Sitemap Creation

-          Project Process Creation & Implementation

-          SEO

"Best experience at Ascensor: My best experience at Ascensor would definitely be pushing my first project live - which was an internal project for Ascensor Air, our template web design business. It was several months of hard work and lots of learning curves along the way but the end result was a positive one and it looked fantastic and works well!

The most important thing you’ve learnt:  I think the most important thing I have learnt is that I want to follow a digital project management career path instead of marketing which I originally planned to do. I really wouldn’t have been able to do it if I was at any other company and also being given the opportunity to learn this job role has been fantastic!

What mark you hope to have left on the company:  I hope my developed project process and the accompanying templates I’ve created are put to good use and help the project management team ensure a smooth and efficient project process. The content sourcing templates I’ve made for Ascensor Air are used in the future to help small clients achieve a templated website and an online presence. Finally, that my projects I have managed have met client expectations and project realities while the internal projects such as the e-commerce website and social care app are able to help grow both the client’s business and Ascensor by showing our technological capabilities and the good work we can produce for our prospective clients."


We would like to thank Sarah, Jonny and John for all of their hard work, effort and input over the past year and wish them all the best for the future. Good Luck!

We are pleased to welcome a new Marketing and Advertising student from Leeds Beckett University who has already joined our team and will be with us for the next 12 months.

Name: Sophie

Position: Marketing Assistant

Best experience at university so far: I volunteered for the role as a course representative during my first year at university and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and the responsibilities it involved. I represented the ‘student voice’ by collecting students’ feedback on the course and contributing this information to discuss in faculty meetings.

Thing you’re most interested in learning at Ascensor: I have a keen passion for Marketing Communications, particularly digital based communications. I am keen to learn how to manage social media activity effectively and how to construct and maintain a successful PPC campaign.

What you hope to take from this year: I have learnt a lot of marketing content in my studies at university in the past couple of years and I am looking forward to using and developing my knowledge over the next year at Ascensor. I hope that working at Ascensor will provide me with valuable experience in the area of marketing and enable me to develop my skills and competencies, as I hope to build my own business in the future.”


We are having a staff BBQ tomorrow to mark the end of a brilliant year at Ascensor for our current placement students and to mark the start of our new placement student's internship.

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