Otter DrysuitsWe’re pleased to have started work for the SEO competition winners, picked at last year’s Bradford Business Conference.

Otter Drysuits based in Bradford wanted to wait until they had completed some work on their website before redeeming their SEO prize. We started the search engine optimisation work in March and the first month’s reporting is already showing strong traffic and some great results!

Like with any digital marketing client project we started the process with some initial research; keyword research to work out which terms to start marketing on and specific market and competitor research to determine what type of link building would help achieve great results.

With the research complete we started working on 10 keywords and phrases that we felt we could improve the position of in just 3 months.

Reporting from the first month shows that our techniques are working well despite only being a few weeks in to the campaign! Two of the keywords are already ranking inside the top ten on Google with other keywords climbing.

The most significant position increases have come from two keywords ‘drysuit undersuit’ and ‘rubber drysuit’ that have climbed from outside of the top 1000.

Take a look at the ranking snapshop below for the end of month positions:

Keyword Google position +/-
scuba drysuit 4 +2
neoprene drysuit 7 +2
diving dry suit 11 +5
drysuit repairs 19,20 -1
ladies drysuit 50 -8
made to measure dry suits 58 0
drysuits for sale 59 -16
drysuit undersuit 60 +940
rubber drysuit 116 +884
waterproof drysuits >1,000 0
We’ll keep you up to date with news of Otter Drysuits progress as we head into the 2nd month.

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