SEO Competition Prize Winners Otter Drysuits have now completed their 3 month free prize, take a look below at their great Google positions.

The latest reports show some fantastic results! It’s great to see the three months prize end on a high, especially considering the latest Google Penguin Update 2.0 that was rolled out only a few weeks ago on the 22nd May. This latest update from Google was significant and as a result we have tweaked many of our SEO techniques to be more effective following the update.

In just three months we have made a significant difference to the ranking positions of Otter Drysuits within Google’s organic index. The ten keywords which were identified at the start of the process are all positioned highly, with over half of the keywords positioned on the highly coveted 1st page of Google :)

The latest report shows that the keyword ‘ladies drysuit’ has climbed an additional 25 places and is now sitting on page 1 at number 9 in Google UK.

Take a look at the table below to see the final positions of the keywords we've been working on:

Keyword Google +/-    
scuba drysuit 2 +1
neoprene drysuit 4 -1
drysuit repairs 7 +3
made to measure drysuits 8 +3
ladies drysuit 9 +25
diving drysuit 10 +0
drysuit undersuit 12 +13
rubber drysuit 41 +77
drysuits for sale 52 +46
waterproof drysuits >1,000 0
We're really pleased with the results we've achieved for Otter, the detailed monthly reports also show a significant increase in traffic which proves that more people are finding the site.

If you think SEO might be of benefit to you and your business or you'd like to find out more about our digital marketing services please contact us, we're here to help and are happy to advise which services you should consider.

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