Globalisation and overseas enquiries make the world seem very small, and if you are looking to take advantage of the potential that trading outside of your home nation brings then engaging a multi-lingual digital marketing agency is your first step in growing your international opportunities and making the most of your prospects.

In the UK, 60% of businesses do not employ a global digital marketing strategy and those that do often try to cut costs through poor translation, often risking their reputation. Though we all like to do business locally, if we are to take advantage outside of our home nation it is vital that we instil confidence in our prospects. Poorly translated content can include software-based conversion, literal translation (not understanding colloquialisms in language) and low-cost translation (often using students) and though these methods will generate content, the quality may not be adequate enough to meet your goals.

Generating online enquiries requires a digital marketing strategy which can involve search engine optimisation, pay per click and digital PR in an integrated approach to build traffic. Taking into account your target territories and local languages is vital in operating an efficient and cost-effective plan.

We recommend using a .com domain name to minimise development and marketing costs. Each language should be located within a separate folder that can easily be linked to. We also recommend IP filtering, recognising the search location and landing the traffic into the appropriate file extension. The destination would also include local contact details (if appropriate) and currency conversion.

Developing your online strategy for global prospecting necessitates engaging with a partner that understands the different challenges that each additional territory brings. A one size fits all approach is unlikely to yield the maximum level of conversions and compete in each country.

Working with a digital marketing agency that provides professional multi-lingual digital marketing to compliment a properly structured website is the only way to meet the expectations of your overseas visitors. Translation extends beyond the dictionary and must be focussed on the industry and sector to pick up the detail that we apply in our own language, whilst modifying the keywords used to suit local intricacies.

Ascensor are a digital agency based in the UK, providing multi-lingual content for both onsite and offsite use. We provide an international digital marketing service from research to content marketing to analytics and focus on generating a return on investment for all clients across all languages.

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