There can be no doubt that email marketing is one of the most effective methods to get your company’s message heard by a wide range of consumers. Checking your inbox is often the first thing we will do on a morning, if your messages are prevalent here, they have a big chance of being seen. However, there is also a stigma attached to email marketing, with some seeing it as a rather aggressive and invasive method, if your campaigns are not reaching the right people, or too many people, your message is far less likely to be heard.

This is where marketing automation comes in. The technology available to marketers is advancing every day, making it easier and far less time consuming to make sure your email campaigns reach the right audience. Marketing automation allows you to better target your campaigns by selecting specific segments and lists for your emails to be sent to whilst also scheduling campaigns to be sent automatically to save you time.

It is also worth noting that the success of your email campaigns is largely based on what you do once your campaigns have been sent. You need to have an effective way of following up with recipients that have engaged with your campaign; again this is where marketing automation helps. Through automation, contacts that have engaged with your campaigns can be placed into separate lists with follow up emails automatically being sent to them in an attempt to engage with them further. This again saves you time and effort as the automated system handles the admin work that would otherwise be needed to carry out successful campaigns.

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