seasonal changesWith Halloween and Bonfire Night having just passed and the run up to Christmas well and truly on its way, now is a very busy time for business’ marketing departments as they look to use these annual events to boost sales of their products/ services. With vast quantities of money being spent on seasonal marketing campaigns, it is often hard to ensure your company stands out in the crowd.

That’s where seasonal changes to your site come in. With the Christmas period in particular establishing itself as by far the busiest time for online traffic, seasonal changes to your site can help you to better engage this large influx of potential new customers and use some seasonal cheer to excite them about what your business offers.

Through the introduction of seasonal animation, seasonal animated banners or even just updates to your product listings to include certain seasonal items and offers, it is likely that users will be more engaged with your site and therefore will spend more time with you. Seasonal changes will also show consumers that your site is active and regularly updated to maintain the high standard of your online presence. It shows them that your company has products/services that are worth shouting about.

However, despite the fact that these special dates/events only come around once a year, doesn’t mean that you should implement seasonal changes once a year. They need to be part of a yearlong strategy in which you target the special dates that are most appropriate to your line of business and alter your site accordingly. A good example of this is the fact that, for all retail businesses, the Christmas period is a time of year that has to be considered for implementing seasonal changes due to the influx of potential new customers. In contrast, for such businesses as costume providers, the period around Halloween would be far more profitable to implement such changes.

Whatever seasonal changes you chose to implement, you need to ensure that they include high quality imagery, engaging text and a strong connection to the products/services that your business offers. Through adding creative and engaging seasonal content to your site, you can establish a strong bond with your customers and use some seasonal cheer to boost online traffic and general sales.

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