The way that consumers shop for their goods is forever changing and evolving. Whereas, 10 years ago, the majority of consumers shopping would have been done on the high street, in physical stores, nowadays more and more consumers are venturing online for better deals and a simplified shopping experience. With online sales now accounting for 13% of the entire UK economy, there is no doubt that retailing online is one of the best routes to online success.

If you have products to sell, there is no better platform to sell them on than online. With 71% of shoppers believing that they will get a better deal online compared to in physical stores, if it is done right, an ecommerce site can prove to be highly beneficial.

Through creating a professionally designed, bespoke ecommerce site for your business, you allow consumers to find your products online. As mentioned in previous blogs, SEO can be hugely important to ensuring your site is found, however, once consumers do find your site, they need to be met with an easy to use, streamlined system to get them from product selection, to checkout, to purchase. One effective way of delivering this is through the integration of Ebay/ Amazon with your site. This not only increases the channels in which your products can be found, it also harnesses the massive user base which these two sites hold and offers them to you as potential customers.

One of the big ecommerce trends that is emerging for Christmas 2014 is the growing popularity of click and click amongst consumers. 47% of all online orders now include free shipping but, with increased working hours and people spending less and less time at homes, they are looking for an alternative which allows them to receive their deliveries at a time which suits them. Click and collect allows consumers to have the products they order stored in containers at such establishments as petrol stations and supermarkets for them to collect when they are able to. If you want to see success from your business’s retailing online, the inclusion of click and collect on your site should be strongly considered.

There is no doubt that, by retailing online, you increase your customer base and give your business the best chance to grow sales. However, you need to make sure that your online presence offers a user friendly, well designed retail platform or risk losing customers and harming your brand image. Through a bespoke ecommerce site which is integrated with other retail sites and offers a variety of delivery options, you can create a space which, not only drives sales, but also offers your retail brand a chance to expand your reach and presence in the online world.

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