email-marketing (3)One of the most effective ways of enforcing the strong relationships with existing customers whilst also expanding your customer base is email marketing campaigns. However, if these campaigns are not handled in the correct way, they can have a massively negative effect on your customers that receive it. You need to approach your email marketing campaigns with a clear strategy and a strong follow up plan.

The variety of online email systems is increasing every day, with new updates and advancements for these systems making it far easier for you to automate your email campaigns and reach a far greater number of potential customers. Through online email marketing solutions such as Mailchimp, the set up, creation, sending and monitoring of your email campaigns has never been easier. Marketing automation means that a number of different campaigns can be sent to separate lists of existing and potential customers through a single click.

Firstly though, you need the content of your email marketing campaigns to be engaging and creative enough for recipients to both open and interact with what you are broadcasting. It goes without saying that you cannot tailor separate emails to target individual recipients within your mass campaigns; however, if the email you send out is too broad and generalised, people will not engage with the information you are giving them. To find a happy medium, you need to make sure that your email marketing campaigns are set up using an integrated strategy. Through using analytics tools to establish what information to target different customers with, using list management to create separate mailing lists to match these needs and using marketing automation to set up and send your campaigns with little hassle, your campaigns have a far better chance of seeing high open and click through rates.

It is also worth considering when the best time to send your email campaign out. You need to ensure that your campaigns are sent at a time which gives your recipients the best chance to see your email. There is no full proof way of ensuring everyone on your list sees your email, but as a general rule we consider either 11am or 4pm on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday as the times which offer the best potential.

By producing creative email campaigns with high quality imagery, engaging written content and links to allow recipients to click through to relevant information on your site, you are far more likely to reap benefits from the content you broadcast.

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