With the ever increasing popularity of online video sites such as YouTube and Vine, the way in which the online world is evolving is being driven by video. It is a well known fact that, in terms of online content, video is king in terms of consumer engagement, but are you making use of video to improve your online presence? If the answer is no, you may want to consider adding animation or video to your site.

Research has found that retail site visitors that view video stay on that site two minutes longer on average and that by using video on landing pages, conversion rates can increase by 80%. It is therefore clear that the inclusion of video on your site can offer the opportunity to increase the engagement that users have with the information you provide them. However, you shouldn’t be including random video just for the sake of it; instead the integration of video should be a part of a wider marketing strategy which allows you to not only increase online traffic, but encourage users to return.

The video that you include on your site should benefit your business not simply because it’s a video but also through the creative content it provides. Well branded, targeted video content can help your business to better articulate your brand values and offerings. If it is done correctly, the videos that you include on your site can help consumers better engage with your site, your brand and your messages.

That being said, video is not the only option if you want to update your site and increase engagement. Another proven method of increasing the attention users pay to your site is through the inclusion of animation. By adding flash animation or animated banners to your site, users are far more likely to engage with the content and spend more time on with you. It can bring the brand messages and creative content your site houses to life and encourage consumers to buy into the information, goods or services you offer.

By adding video or animation to your site, you encourage a much higher level of engagement from users and ensure that the messages you are transmitting are being received. There is also the added benefits for your search engine position with research finding that the chances of getting a page one listing on Google increasing 53 times from the addition of video on your site. Whether its a high budget, promotional video, or simply a flash animation, the addition of such elements to your site ensure your online presence remains strong.

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