valentines day bannerThis Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to show your business some love! Now could be the perfect time to refresh your website and make sure it is delivering what your business needs. It is often easy to forget about your site and, without regular updates; it may start to lag behind your competitor’s offerings. Your site may become dated, but, by taking the time and effort to update and refresh, the relationship between your site and your business can grow stronger than ever!

The technology and the methods used in websites is updating on a regular basis, meaning that, if you want your site to remain at the forefront, it needs to be regularly updated. In previous years, including aspects such as an animated intro page, content within images or large amounts of flash would have been the norm when building a site. However, web design processes have moved on meaning that older techniques have become outdated. Not only can this cause your site’s usability to fall due to outdated technology making it harder for users to navigate and extract information, it can also cause your search engine rankings to fall. One of the factors that Google take into consideration when ranking sites is how up to date the site is, by refreshing elements of your site using up to date techniques, you are far more likely to gain higher positions within search results.

It is also vital to make sure the content on your site is regularly updated. Without a content plan for the coming months, the information displayed on your site can quickly become irrelevant. By including a blog or a social media feed you can ensure that your site is regularly updated with fresh, updated content which keeps users engaged with your site.

Here at Ascensor, we use only the most up to date technology and methods when building sites. Should your site require simple minor tweaks or a full site refresh, we can make sure it remains current and effective in bringing your business customers.

Contact Ascensor today to discover how we can help you love your site!

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