Little Moons. If you haven’t heard of them yet, we can only assume that you’ve been living under a rock, right?

It's the product that sold out in Tesco stores, corner shops and on Amazon in just a month. Now we hope we’ve got your attention! Because we’re about to show you just how quickly and successfully the TikTok social platform can make interest in a product explode.

So, what are Little Moons?

Little Moons are a Japanese dessert, consisting of a combination of rice cake and ice cream. Before TikTok, these products would just be an item for foodies and people in the know, however thanks to a viral craze, sales of Little Moons mochi balls have risen by a whopping 700%.

The power of TikTok

TikTok is all about ‘trends’. The raison d'etre of the whole platform is centred around jumping onto trending sounds, challenges, hashtags and recreation videos. That’s why it's the perfect platform for getting your brand out there and increasing your brand awareness. 

With more than 130 million views of the hashtag #littlemoons on TikTok, it’s safe to say that they have made quite an impression on users. This interest has also spread to the wider internet, with Google Trends data showing that the search term ‘Little Moons’ reached peak popularity on February 6th 2021 following an extremely sharp increase that began on January 24th.

The search term had already reached its half-popularity worldwide by January 26th, meaning that the vast increase of ‘little moons’ took off exceptionally quickly within only a couple of days. This is something that many brands would dream about and in recent times, it is something that can only be achieved through achieving viral status across the internet.

So a question to ask yourself is: if you're business doesn't already have a presence on social media, why not?

Ascensor take on Little Moons

Despite the fact that purchasing Little Moons quickly became a viral treasure hunt, some of our team actually managed to grab some! 

So here’s some feedback from one of our lucky team members on their Little Moons hunt:

“The first bite is a little strange but the mango ones are definitely worth it. Wouldn’t recommend chocolate…”

If you’re looking for a way to get your brand out there, then drop us a message and let’s discuss your social strategy.

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