As a site’s online profile grows, it is often the case that traffic will grow. Increased traffic means more potential customers for businesses as well as an improvement of your brand’s online profile. There are a number of routes to understanding your website’s visitors; however, most analytics packages simply provide you with numbers and data to help track performance. Wouldn’t you like to know exactly which businesses are visiting your website and have access to their contact details so you can follow them up?

This is where Ascensor can help! We strive to provide a total online solution for our customers and have recently improved our website tracking offering.  We can integrate a piece of software on a free 14 day trail to help you see exactly who is visiting your site. This software will monitor your site’s traffic and feedback extensive information to help you target potential new customers. The way you access this information is completely flexible. You can access the data yourself and produce reports on your visitors, or Ascensor can fully manage the data and produce reports tailored to your needs.

How can this help me?

The monitoring software can provide you with a wide range of information of the people visiting your site. From the pages they looked at to the time they stayed on your site, you can gain the insights you need to better target your online material.

Through benefitting from this software, we will be able to:

  • See which pages on your site are performing well (or not so well!)
  • Gain insight into the types of companies that are interacting from your site
  • Better target your content to appeal to your site’s visitors
  • Establish prospects to pursue from your site’s visitors and gain contact details
  • Gain insights as to where your site’s traffic is coming from
To discover more about this service and to get your 14 day free trial set up, contact Ascensor today!

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