Isn’t it time you made some money online?

Isn’t it time you made some money online?

The UK’s high street retailers have been engulfed in a struggle since the beginning of the year, with several household names collapsing, including Toys R Us and Maplin. In the last couple of weeks, House of Fraser has announced plans to shut more than half of it’s UK stores and Poundland has fallen into administration.

What have all these businesses got in common? They have all failed to prepare for the shift to online shopping and rapidly changing consumer spending patterns.

Even as a beginner in Ecommerce, the tools and resources are all laid out for you. All you need is a desire to succeed. Here are some more reasons why shouldn’t wait to get your business selling online:

Earn while you sleep

One of the most important benefits that businesses with an Ecommerce website can enjoy is 24/7/365 store opening times. This allows you to increase your sales by boosting the number of orders you can take per day. However, it is also beneficial for customers as they can purchase products whenever they want no matter whether it is early morning or the middle of the night.

The UK has the third biggest Ecommerce Market

Despite being only the eighth largest in terms of total retail sales, the UK is the third-largest Ecommerce market due to a high volume of digital buyers. In 2018, over 80% of the UK population will make a purchase online, and that figure is only going to grow over the next couple of years.

Increased ROI

One of the most tangible benefits of Ecommerce is the lowered cost. Here are some of the ways that costs can be reduced with Ecommerce:

  • Advertising and Marketing: Organic search engine traffic, pay-per-click, and social media traffic are some of the advertising channels that can be cost-effective.
  • Personnel: The automation of checkout, billing, payments, inventory management, and other operational processes lowers the number of employees required to run an Ecommerce setup.
  • Real Estate: This one is a no-brainer. An e-commerce merchant does not need a prominent physical location.

It’s easier than ever to get up and running

Not only have the tools for ecommerce gotten a lot better over time, there are more of them than there ever were in the past. From Progressive Web Apps to Ecommerce Stores, marketing automation and SEO tools, Ascensor can develop an Ecommerce site to suit your budget and design a digital marketing strategy that will deliver results.

Isn’t time you made some money online?

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