Is your business directory information up to date?

Did you know that a reportedly 87% of businesses based in the UK who are listed online have incorrect or out of date business information?

In today’s society, ‘first impressions’ are key and it is becoming more important that you have an accurate and up-to-date online presence. It is also essential that spelling and grammar is correct as this can be something else which can turn valuable business away.

Having consistent listings on online directories helps you to establish credibility with the search engines, who now have a strong focus on delivering results. Take Google My Business for example which supports local SEO, having a listing on there and ensuring your address appears in the same format on other directories is a really easy way to build up trust with the search engines.

We use software to scan for your business information online and we can help you to ensure your information is consistent. You are able to see your details across all business listings sites and social media channels to see if you have any business information missing or if something is incorrect.

Unbelievably, on average, only 13% of UK businesses’ details online are correct. Businesses change details, move address, change names and having a view of your listings makes it much easier for you to quickly update your details as they change. Keeping your details up to date helps your search engine positions, it helps others to find you through maps and sat nav systems and of course on the directories themselves.

A huge 73% of consumers lose trust in a business which lists incorrect information online, is your business directory information up to date?

At Ascensor, we provide digital marketing services including the setting-up and optimisation of Google My Business pages, ensuring that your business directory information is up to date.

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