International Day of Happiness

We thought, since today is International Day of Happiness, that we’d ask members of the Ascensor Team what happiness means to them!

Additionally, we also asked all our team members to submit two photographs that make them feel happy! Go check out the sort of stuff which keeps us smiling, aside from building great websites and effective digital marketing campaigns, of course!

You can view our happiness montage photograph over on our Facebook and Twitter pages!


Charlotte (Digital Marketing):

Happiness is the warm feeling of content. Exploring new places and seeing my family and friends happy makes me happy.

Steve (Digital Marketing):

Music (and the arts in general) makes me incredibly happy as immersing myself in such creative output reminds me just how awesome human beings can be! And who doesn’t love the Yorkshire Countryside?! Being out in the open (not just in Yorkshire) offers a welcome break from being chained to a laptop / computer!!!

David (Digital Marketing):

Ever since I was little growing up on a farm, I have always enjoyed exploring in the countryside.

Iwa (Finance & HR):

Spending time with family and friends.

Sophie (Digital Marketing):

Life is short so everyone should embrace happiness every day. My family make me happy and animals from being brought up and living on a farm all my life. From living in a city, it has made me appreciate the countryside more - living in the countryside makes me feel happy and relaxed.

Laura (Digital Services Manager):

Spending valuable time with family and friends.

Kathryn (Director):

Happiness means having fun and living life to the full! Spending time with my kids, family and going out with my friends makes me happy.

Imran (Senior Designer):

Happiness comes from growing as an individual, improving myself as well as having an impact on someone else.

Happiness is achieved by being content with the result, always striving to achieve more whilst maintaining a balance of appreciating what I have. Both aspirations and appreciations can come from travelling which helps inspire new goals and aspirations meanwhile grounding an individual to the smaller things in life once subjected to a variety of backgrounds, cultures, ways of life.

What does happiness mean to and the people closest to you? Share your thoughts, and some general happy vibes, on social media today using the hashtag #InternationalDayofHappiness.

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