Instagram have announced that they are evolving their ads which were integrated as part of the social networking site back in 2013. Ads on Instagram are now working in eight different countries and they are not stopping there. With the potential to expand they are now improving their ads and opening availability to more advertisers.

They have stated three key areas that they are developing:

  1. “Expanding ad offerings to include action-oriented formats”
  2. “Enabling more targeting capabilities”
  3. “Making it easier for businesses large and small to buy ads with Instagram”
(Instagram, 2015)

Action-oriented formats means that when you see an advert you are able to click on it and go through to what is advertised. A company is able to develop an advert where the audience can click through to ‘shop now’ on an online store, ‘install now’ for an app, and ‘sign-up’ to receive special offers, newsletters and more.

Advertisers will be able to make their ads more specific due to demographic data they can collect from audiences. Young men living in London who follow vintage car pages will view different adverts to older women living in Buxton that follow wildlife pages. Targeting adverts in this way may produce a better click-through ratio as the audience would be interested.

Companies of all sizes and types will be able to advertise their products through Instagram by working with an Instagram Ads API in partnership with Facebook ad buying interfaces. Millions of companies use Facebook daily to promote and sell their products so Instagram will be utilising Facebook’s system for advertisers.

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