Inbound Links Vs Content Quality

What are Inbound Links?

Inbound links are the foundation of the google search algorithm, something that through evolution has got more and more sophisticated, trying to stay ahead of SEO companies like Ascensor and with a focus on delivering the most relevant results to the punter. Basically other websites linking to yours gives you a score that contributes to your position within the index.

This highly complex formula takes into account the content on the linking site, the link position, the link text, the volume of links on the site, the inbound links into that site, the content on your site and many other factors and when compared to the other sites positioning for the term gives you your position for a search, dependent on your location, catch a breath! Inbound links now need to come from a variety of sources, posted using varied IP addresses, with variety amongst the links posted at any time – basically they need to look as natural as possible.

But are inbound links the be all and end all of Search Engine Optimisation?

But Content is King Right?

There is a very good argument in favour of content. As blog owners out there will notice, new and fresh content written in a blog can feature very high and very quickly in the rankings, as can your social media content. This is an example of content quality over inbound links. The same is true for your page content. Google is now so evolved that it can tell good informative content from bad.

If your pages contain only blocks of text, prepared for search engine benefit rather than visitor value (just used as a means to get the visitor there so you can promote onsite) then it is likely that google will rank a page that has better visitor value, regardless of inbound links. This level of sophistication certainly presents website owners with an opportunity to focus more on great content. Including images, graphs and charts and keeping users on your pages for longer following a google search really is getting back to basics – giving your viewers a website that they will use and recommend to others because of the relevance of your content to their search, making perfect sense.

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