professional-emails-finalFirst impressions can have a massive impact on the success, or failings of a professional/ business relationship. A strong first impression can inspire confidence in what you have to offer, while a bad first impression can create doubt in your ability to work successfully with a company/professional.

In the increasingly digital business world it is often through an email that first impressions are created. Long gone are the days when a strong handshake could inspire confidence in your business, nowadays a great deal of dialogue is done through email before partners ever meet face to face. It is for this reason that it is crucial that you communicate through a professional email address rather than a personal one.

Through using a domain name email address, the recipients of your messages are far more likely to take your business and its offerings seriously. A more professional appearance alongside the inclusion of your company name with your email address will improve your brand image and reputation. Recipients will see your messages as coming from a company, rather than an individual meaning they will be far more likely to trust in your offerings.

The benefits of using a professional email address also stretch to the relationship you have with your customers. For the majority of companies, details of how customers can get in contact will be found on their website. If the email address provided is a hotmail/gmail one rather than a specific domain name address, it can harm the professional look of your site and the perceived customer service you provide. Users will be far more likely to contact your company through a professional email address as they often expect a higher level of customer service compared to if they were contacting a personal email address.

The team here at Ascensor can set up your domain name email address quickly and easily. We can provide your business with a contact method that will inspire confidence in consumers and fellow professionals alike.    

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