Amongst all of the confusion and uncertainty in the world at the moment with COVID-19, you will be starting to ensure that your business is ready for the challenges ahead. This involves navigating the pandemic as successfully and effectively as you can, whilst thinking about both the short and long term strategy of your business.

Just as we are all hoping that the impact of the Coronavirus is only short term, you should be thinking about putting your marketing efforts into a long-term plan. As panic arises, it might be one of people's first thoughts to cut their marketing budget. However, when thinking and planning for the long-term performance and prosperity of a business, keeping a marketing budget right now is more important than ever. 

You might be thinking “of course they're going to say that we should be carrying on with marketing… they’re a digital marketing agency!” That is exactly the reason why we are saying it. Day in and day out we know and see all of the benefits and incredible impact that digital marketing has on all different types of businesses. Now more than ever is the time to utilise and prioritise this impact in order to assist your business in times of uncertainty.  

Out of sight = out of mind. By keeping in touch with current customers, and by getting your brand in front of target customers during this time, you can make sure that you’re right there when they need you most. 

Maximising your business during testing times

For eCommerce businesses, you might find that the impact is less than stores and services that require customers to make physical actions in person. Inevitably, with more and more people at home, the only way for many of them to get what they need is to make their purchases online. Therefore, as an eCommerce business within the current climate, it is crucially important to maximise your return on investment from your website. This can be done by increasing the amount of traffic to your site, and awareness of your brand, which can all be achieved through paid social and Google Ads.

On the other hand, if your business is one that requires face to face contact and actions from customers, you may find yourself restricted during the current situation. Whether it be a trade, a venue, a pub or any other currently restricted business, you will be looking for a way to sustain your cash flow. One idea could be to push gift vouchers if this is an option for your business. This would be a fantastic opportunity to let current and potential customers purchase from you right now, but use it when stores and venues have reopened, and when the world is just that little bit less crazy.

Using this time effectively

Portraying the right image to customers is a vital aspect of nailing your brand awareness building. So why not give your website and social media a refresh as we approach spring. With more and more people being at home for longer and throughout the daytime, they are all going to have more focus and attention on your online presence. So the ‘little things’ like enhancing your online customer journey, tidying up your social media profiles and informing customers about the latest updates to your company, could all end up being much more than ‘little things’.

Of course, the impact of this epidemic will be fully dependent on what industry you’re placed within. Media companies will have seen a huge rise in the amount of traffic to their site recently and will continue to prosper. However, the hardest hit in traffic might be considered the travel, transportation and the entertainment industry. Therefore the strategy for your own company will depend on how you can best help customers in these difficult times.

If you want to get a better insight into where your website and online presence could be maximised for customers throughout these times, we can take a look at your existing strategy or discuss a whole new strategy for yourselves. Don’t ever feel alone during these testing times, get in touch with our team and we’ll be more than happy to help!

The towns will reopen, people will be out and about, the security will be felt again and so for now, it is all about keeping your light burning. So that when people need you, they know exactly where to come!

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